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adidas Originals Brand Film Showcase 

Original Is Never Finished

So much of the world has settled into a numbing complacency. Caught on a loop, refusing to change what they have the power to change.

Yet for adidas Originals, each act of creation begins with an act of iteration. A reflection on the past to progress the new.

For its new brand film, adidas gives a whole new meaning to the idea of being never finished and captures the imagination of a new generation with its vision that creativity is a constant state of evolution. Starring some of the world's most influential creative talents spanning the worlds of music, style and sport, the creators are depicted as an unstoppable force constantly defying complacency and iterating upon themselves. Each is filmed repeating an act on loop, but a loop that led to progress.

With the brand film at the heart of the campaign, we were tasked to elevate the brand's storytelling to reaffirm its place with the street hounds, sporty teens and trend cadets, and to drive adidas Originals into their conversations, positioning it as the most influential and connected brand in street culture in Singapore.

We know that consumers do not want to hear brand stories only; they want to be part of the story as well. It is necessary to refocus story efforts to incorporate story making in order to make meaningful and lasting connections with them. Collaborating with consumers to make them part of the narrative; that is the way to connect to them. To make this work, the brand had to talk to them authentically and meaningfully, on their level.


Our strategy was to turn the brand firm's defiant anthem into a powerful movement. Using 'Original Is Never Finished' as an open invitation, we gave all creators, including collaborators, influencers, and consumersa provocative mantra - a call to action to create by using the 'originals' (something that has already been done) as a canvas for new ideas.


The idea was to roll out a brand activation that would drive consumer action through brand interactions and product experiences, inspiring them to create contents they want to engage with and share organically. These creators would, in turn, inspire others to challenge themselves to break down the boundaries that limit imagination, because creativity never ends.


The goal was accomplished with a highly instagrammable aesthetic created and implemented across all experiences to ensure maximum shareability, a continual program of experiences and moments, and the careful curation of the most inspiring parts of the adidas Originals brand. We created an experiential space that brought to life the world portrayed in the film. More than a place to exhibit various adidas Originals products. Spanning spheres of creativity - music, art, design, film and fashion - it became a collaboration, performance and party hub for the creative generation that the brand champions.

The result is not a result at all, but still a work-in-progress; Original Is Never Finished, an activation built entirely on loops, an activation without end. Proving that out of repetition, comes iteration; out of iteration, variation; and out of variation comes creativity.


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